Friday, 19 July 2024
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For the entire period, the following should be noted:                                                            HES
       Ensuring the health and safety of personnel
       Property and Equipment Protection
       Environmental Protection

Matrys Oil Company as the general contractor, while striving to provide high quality products with lower cost and time, insists on Health, Safety and Working Environment (HSE) plan and considering it by Matrys, partners and subcontractors. Putting emphasis on health and safety issues in the workplace to protect the health of all concerned partners and Increasing levels of workplace health includes major programs the matrys is planning in executive workplace.
Safety and security officials at executive workshops are on a mission to make every effort to consider workplace health and safety Plan in various stages of implementation of plans, while making familiar all relevant areas of an organization with workplace health and safety issues.
Everyone at every level must feel responsible for his own safety and that of his neighbors.