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Domestic partners who we have worked with or have agreement

Mashin Sazi Pars CO.

Company name
:Mashin Sazi Pars CO.

Field of activities:Providing general design engineering services, Construction and installation            
Scope of services
•    Industrial Plans feasibility study
•    Design, and providing of basic, detailed and executive maps
•    Design, construction and installation of various types of  heavy metal structures at different dimensions &  capacities
•    Design, construction and installation of various types of  atmospheric & Pressurized reservoirs
•    Design, construction and installation of Pressurized thermal transformers
•    Design, construction and installation of constant and dynamic metal bridges
•    Design and construction of distillation and separators towers
•    Construction and installation of various types of overhead, gantry and jib cranes
•    Construction and installation of Asphalt factory with a capacity of 90 up to 120 Tons per hour
•    Construction and installation of Concrete Central Station with a capacity of 30 and 50 cubic meters per hour
•    Installation of equipment , machinery and manufacturing facilities
•    installations of Oil and gas facilities such as refineries or pipelines
First class at Mining and Industry field and first class at civil (structure) field

Tous Asfalt CO

Company name
:Tous Asfalt CO

Field of activities:Sector contractor EPC            
Scope of services:Tous Asphalt Company has been the presenter of heavy concrete and industrial steel structures. Other projects undertaken by the company includes constructing reservoirs, constructing power plant cooling towers, office and industrial towers. In addition to all the above, the company has a long history of power transmission lines, tunnel construction and service projects.
structure Field 1. Field of Mining and Technology 1. Installations and equipment  Field 1. ground excavations field 1. Electric field 3. Water field  5.

Fakoor Industrial CO.

Company name
:Fakoor Industrial CO.   

Field of activities:Engineering projects, construction and installation         
Scope of services
•    Engineering
•    Installation
•    Industry
•    Mining projects, especially Iron ore mines projects

Gostaresh Steel Industries

Company name
:Gostaresh Steel Industries 

Field of activities:Oil, Gas & Industry      
Scope of services
•    Steel and mining industries
•    Engineering, procurement and equipment construction, installation and commissioning (EPC)
•    Management Plan (MC)
•    Project Financing
Second class in Mining and Industry field

Soroosh yaran CO.

Company name
:Soroosh yaran CO. 

Field of activities:Oil, Gas Petrochemical           
Scope of services:
Industrial reputable investment, commercial and financial management prioritizing oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, and structure industries, via building trust and good interaction with strategic partners with the aim of providing stable interests of Beneficiaries.

Iran Industrial Consultant CO.

Company name
:Iran Industrial Consultant CO.
Field of activities:Oil, Gas & Industry       
Scope of services:
•    Technical and economic Evaluation, feasibility of industrial projects
•    Determination of the optimal plan and Production strategy
•    Providing Comprehensive industrial complexes plan
•    Detail Design
•    Industrial Engineering Services and Project ControlFirst class in basic metals and machinery industries,
First class in residential and commercial buildings and...


Company name

Field of activities:Sector contractor EPC     
Scope of services:
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of construction projects, roads, factories producing minerals, oil and gas industries and pipelines
Grade 1 in structure field, Grade 2 in the water field, Grade 1 in Facilities and Equipment


Company name:SADID
field of  activities:Energy & Mineral EPC Contractor
Scope of services:
Engineering , Construction and oil ,gas and petrochemical industries, mineral, power plants and hydro mechanical projects


Company name:SAFANICU CO   
Field of activities:EPC executing of H.V  S/S    
                               B.O.P of power plants
Scope of services:
Detail design , procurement of components, executing of civil worlds , installation, testing,per-commissioning, commissioning, putting into service                   

Type of collaboration with matrys :
All electrical parts of project absorbed by matrys, including : design, procurement and installation


Company name:ROSHD SANAT CO
Field of activities:Refineries , power plants , steel plants, petrochemical plants              
Scope of services:
•    Engineering  
•    Procurement
•    Construction

Falat Pars CO

Company name:Falat Pars CO
Field of activities:EPC executing             
Scope of services:
•    Engineering  
•    Procurement
•    Construction
•    Industry

Middle east Energy Development CO

Company name:Middle east Energy Development  CO
Field of activities:Consulting Engineers             
Scope of services:
•    Engineering  
•    EPC
•    MC


Company name:Evyol
Field of activities:Constructing road, dams, tunnels, bridges, hydro power plants, indusrial factories        
Scope of services:
 Dam projects
Tunnel construction projects
Road Projects
Hydro power plants Construction
Construction of factories and office buildings
Irrigation and Water Supply

SAMA Engineering Co.

Company name:SAMA Engineering Co.
Field of activities: Construction, indusrial         
Scope of services:
massive development projects and industries like ,sugarcane and side industries,construction of factories, production of large diameter pipes of oil and gas, establishment of wind farms generate electricity, and the managment of  large complexes of Sulfuric acid and Phosphoric acid.


Company name:Iranitok
Field of activitiesEngineering  and consulting services, GC, MC, EPC      
Scope of services:
Engineering and Design Services
Procurement and Supply
Project Management
Technology & Development