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Managing Director & Board Members


Mahdi Mofidi 
BSc in metallurgical engineering from Sharif University of Technology

Head of Foundry 1354-1356

Iran Khodro's deputy housing Hall 1356-1357

CEO and Chairman of the Department of Industrial SADID 1360-1369

Deputy Minister of Heavy Industry, 1369-1373

Iran Industrial Development and Renovation Organization Executive Board member 1369-1370

Deputy Minister of Heavy Industries in the implementation of development projects 1372-1373

Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of Sugarcane and 1374-1384

Board Member Training Center Chamber of Commerce 1378-1384

Chairman of the industry group SADID 1385- 1388

CEO of Matrys 1386- 1395

Chairman of Matrys 1386 - so far.

Vice Chairman

Mohammad Hendi
Master's degree in architectural engineering from the National University of Iran


Development Deputy Prime Minister from 1362 to 1364

Management Agency Deputy regions 1364- 1366

Deputy Defense Industries Organization 1366-1376

Development 1376-1382

CEO Nir Pars

CEO locomotive

Sadid Industrial Group (SADID World of Industry) 1382- 1386

Board Consulting Engineers Architect Barqas 1391 to now

Members of the Board of Directors of Falizan treatment 1391 to now

Member of the Board of Directors of Consulting Engineers Pasargad Atlas Tarh in 1391 to now

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matrys 1394

Member of the Board

Mohammad Reza Mohammad Baqer
BS in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology


Vice chairman of the SET construction company 1388 to now

Chairman of the controlling company Gas Complex 1387 to now

Chairman oil drilling services company 1386 to now

Chairman of Sadid industrial group 1390  to now

Director and member of the board of Pars International Pipeline Company 1384 so far

Director and member of the board of Sadid industrial group 1386 to 90

Deputy Chairman of the Oil Industry Investment Company 1386 to 88

Member of the Pars International Pipeline Company 1382 to 84

Chairman of Iran's Locomotive Company 1380 to 85

Director and member of the Board of Gostaresh Rail Industries Development Company 1379 to 81

Member of the board of Uraman Panjereh- 1379 to 81

Director and member of the Board of Ezam group auto parts - 1377 to 79

Director and member of the Board of Group Sadid- tubes and profiles 1363 to 77

Expert- the Ministry of Agriculture 1360 to 61

Deputy Advisor to the Ministry of Work - 1358 to 60

Board member Information newspaper - 1358